Pre and Postnatal Care

Placenta Encapsulation
Placenta encapsulation is a way to further support new mothers in the early postpartum period.  The process includes dehydrating the placenta overnight, grinding it into a powder, and putting it in capsules. I’m certified with an OSHA compliant blood born pathogens training.

When you request the placenta encapsulation, I will come and collect the placenta from the hospital, birthing center or your home. I work out of her home and will return the placenta as soon as it’s ready (24-48 hours). Depending on size and weight of the placenta, you will receive 80-120 pills. The pills can be taken in the early postpartum period for as long as desired throughout the first year.

The placenta transports nutrients to the fetus during gestation, as well as producing and regulating hormones. Proponents believe that the placenta retains some of these substances after delivery, and that the consumption of the placenta by the mother can help her recover more quickly following childbirth by replenishing nutrients and hormones lost. Newly postpartum women can ingest their placentas, which benefits may include:

  • vitamin B6 and B12
  • iron
  • progesterone
  • estrogen
  • oxytocin
  • cortisone
  • prolactin (promotes lactation)


  • $250 for placenta encapsulation
  • $50 for placenta tincture
  • $200 option- If a family member can drop off placenta and pick up processed placenta capsules.

Postpartum Doula ****
I offer in-home support for new mamas and their families postpartum. Having extra support around after the birth can be a wonderful way to transition into your ‘new normal’. Care includes help with the baby and support breastfeeding. I also do light housekeeping, such as the never-ending laundry that needs to be done, dishes, and sweeping. I love to cook nutritious vegetarian food for the mama too. I believe that feeding the mama, is feeding the family. I like to make foods that help support the body after birth, such as warming soups and stews, hearty grains and vitamin-rich smoothies.

Three hour minimum per visit and a 3 visit minimum. I am available for more time as needed. Day time hours only.