I knew that I wanted a doula for my birth and Julie was the obvious choice for us. She has a tenderness matched with strength, compassion, knowledge and intuition that I needed for this experience. My baby was so good at first! He waited until she arrived to Canada to make his entrance…..Unfortunately, he took his time and made her work really hard for a couple days. She and my husband were an incredible team. We spent a large portion of the time at home and Julie was seamless as she entered in to support us and left to give us space. She made sure we were fed and hydrated. It wasn’t until after Parker arrived that I realized just how amazing Julie was as my doula. She made my home feel peaceful, calm, safe….she helped keep things organized and clean. I always had a healthy, hearty, nourishing meal with her….I could go on and on. I was reminded to shower, she massaged me, she was everything I needed as I clumsily made my way into motherhood.

When Julie speaks of her amazing experiences as a doula, it isn’t the stories that touch me so deeply, it is her passion and genuine love for what she does and who she is helping that touches my heart. She is a gift to the birthing world and to all she helps!   Bridgette, Calgary, Canada

Julie Anne was an outstanding postpartum doula; my husband and I cannot recommend her enough, and we will be forever grateful for the support she gave us during such an intense and vulnerable time of our lives. We had Julie Anne come twice a week for six to eight weeks, and honestly, I wish I could have had her come longer. Every time she came over she focused on the wellbeing of our whole family. Julie Anne would cook us incredibly delicious, nourishing foods (I cannot stress how much we loved her cooking), prep snacks for me and would do light household chores. I looked forward to each of her visits and felt more at peace and stable after she would come. She was easy and fun to talk with and very knowledgeable about babies and postpartum recovery. She also put me in contact with a group of her yoga students who had babies my son’s age, and we formed a moms group that became an amazing support network for me. I feel really blessed that I got to spend such vulnerable time in my life with Julie Anne, and I highly recommend working with her to any family with a newborn.

Mia V., Richmond CA

Julie is a force to be reckoned with, in the best possible way! I first met Julie during her prenatal yoga class at the Green Yogi. Her down-to-earth style and upbeat personality convinced me right from the start that it was the best class for me! After my son’s birth, she started helping us once a week as a postpartum doula. I was amazed by how much she could get done in just a couple hours–she’d cheerfully cook every vegetable in the house, vacuum, do our laundry, put the baby down to nap, all the while keeping tabs on my mental and physical health. Julie cares for “her mamas” so much and it comes across in everything she does. She gave us the gift of clean sheets and snack plates every week. She even taught me how to pump! I can’t imagine what we would have done without her. I’d hire her again in a second! Cathy, Richmond, CA